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Our greatest  promise is to research and discover the best, manufacture it in the best way possible, and present it to you (in the best form). We are very well aware of the responsibility that we carry. Which is why we have developed the unique Plus Power plants. Our purpose is to produce the most effective organic and standardized plant-based content and bring it to your service.

Yes it required a long and intensive work schedule, but we did it. All our product content is organically cultivated by us, in our own  culture field, with our own Plus Power plants. For every plant we have put together culture fields specific to the microclimate of that plant and developed special feed protocolsbased on scientific research. We are content in saying that we know that each of our products you receive is the absolute best.

All plant-based supplement contents are organically cultivated in our own culture field. 


Gilaburu Plus Power™ Culture Fields 

Region :

The natural environment to cultivate Gilaburu is the Erciyes microclimate region.


120,000 Gilaburu Plus Power™ plants.


Gilaburu Plus Power™ fruits

Hawthorn Plus Power™ Culture Fields 


Middle Anatolia


Hawthorn Plus Power™ plants


Hawthorn Plus Power™ flowers