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Plus Power Plant

The Plus Power plant is a special term used to describe the unique genotype extracted through the process of the selection of a variety of plant-based genotypes from the natural environment, after which the genotype with the highest active ingredient content and resiliency towards natural conditions is subject to purification from harmful agents such as bacteria, virus, spores and fungi

The unique Plus Power genotypes are the genotypes which carry the highest amount and percentage of active ingredients and are most resilient in the face of geographic conditions.

When the essential goal is human health the concept effective dose becomes a scientific fact. In order to compose what is the effective dose in plant-based products it is necessary for the amount and percentage of active ingredients present in the contents of the plant to be known and for this to be standardized. This necessity is what drove us to develop the Plus Power plants

Active Ingredient

This is the general term used to describe the chemical compounds found naturally in a plant’s leaves, flowers and fruit. They can be separated in two categories: major and minor. In terms of active ingredient contents, not only do different types of plants carry different contents, even the genotypes belonging to the same plant type differ in the amount and percentage of active ingredients they carry. This difference is especially important when dealing with medicinal plants.

Uniquely developed in order to standardize the effective beneficial dose of the traditional use of Gilaburu and to extract organic contents of the fruit.

Hawthorn Plus Power

Hawthorn flowers carry high amounts of Vitexin. Developed in order to extract the organic and standardized contents of the daily needed amount of Vitexin in order to support good cardiovascular health.