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Viburnum opulus L.

The literature name of the Gilaburu plant, which is categorized among the World Traditional Plants Category, is Viburnum Opulus L. It’s native name among locals is Gilaburu.

Gilaburu is known as a plant of “Cure”. This plant has been traditionally used for centuries to support healthy kidney, liver, urinary tract functions, and especially used to support fighting the kidney stones

Traditional Use of Gilaburu

Among local populations, the cold pressed juice of the Gilaburu fruit is consumed as a fruit juice.

7 Day Cure

The traditional use is a 7 day cure for the expected results, though the results may differ for each user. In the traditional use, the juice from 8 kg Gilaburu fruit is consumed with breakfast and dinner for one application of a cure

The conventional practice is to apply 1 or 2 cure according to the expected utility. Although rarely observed, a third regime may be needed 

Unique Combination of Gilaburu

GILABURU has a high level of 54%, Chlorogenic acid, which is an important compound for health thanks to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuroprotective, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, antihyperlipidemic potentials and has a unique combination of 11 different minor active ingredients. This unique combination creates the active power of gilaburu.

Variations of Gilaburu Genotype

Gilaburu is a plant which generated many different genotypes within its native and natural conditions. Some became very resistive to harmful agents and diseases but some became more effective and fruitful. And some were able to give higher ratios of active ingredients. Our research identified 21 different genotypes within the regions we explored

Zone and Microclimate Conditions

The regions of Anatolia around and effected by Mount Erciyes is called wild native micro-climate conditions of the Mount Erciyes basin of Anatolia. This region has very specific and unique climate conditions and home to various endemic plants including Gilaburu

Gilaburu Plus Power™

Gilaburu Plus Power™   was selected from among the 21 different gilaburu genotypes growing in 130 different regions for being the gilaburu genotype which contains the highest amount and percentage of active ingredients in it. It was purified from all harmful agents such as virus, spores and fungi and became a Plus Power plant with the highest resistance against all natural climatic conditions. As with all Plus Power plants it was meticulously reproduced using tissue culture, and was organically cultivated in the culture fields using special feed protocols.

Gilaburu Plus Power™ are the gilaburu genotypes which contain the highest amount and percentage of active ingredient and are the most resilient against all climatic/geographic conditionsr.

Why Gilaburu Plus Power™

It has been uniquely developed with the intent to standardize the beneficial effective dose for the traditional use of the Gilaburu as determined by our team of scientists , as well as to extract its organic fruit content.


It has been purified from all naturally-occurring harmful agents such as spores, fungi and viruses. This is the first time in the world that this has been done for the Gilaburu


In protection from any disease or other harmful agents, the plant has been reproduced in a tissue culture and raised meticulously in fully controlled greenhouses leading up to the transfer to the culture fields.


Most recently, we are organically cultivating 120,000 Gilaburu Plus Power™ plants in our culture fields, specifically designed based on the Erciyes microclimate region, the natural growing environment for the Gilaburu.

Using the special feed protocols developed and applied through scientific study, we cultivate the Gilaburu Plus Power™ fruit with a standardized active ingredient content.