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Gilaburu +PP – 7 DAY PROGRAM

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ORGANIC / Traditional Kidney Cleanse – Kidney Health – Kidney Detox – Urinary Tract Health- Stone Breaker

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Gilaburu (Viburnum opulus L.) a wonderful native plant of Anatolia

Gilaburu is known as a plant of “Regime”. This plant has been traditionally used for centuries to support healthy kidney, liver, urinary tract functions, and especially used to support fighting the kidney stone





How many bottles of Gilaburu +PP should I use?

Usage will differ for the expected benefits and the persons conditions.
In general, one time regime (7 day, One bottle) should provide significant benefits. As in the case of the traditional use of the Gilaburu, the generally applied use of Gilaburu +PP also includes one to two regimes (7 days each). At the end of every regime, one can decide if another regime is needed.

Is there any side effects?

Gilaburu fruit has been consumed traditionally for centuries among local populations and it is known that there are no harmful side effects.

How long it takes to see the benefits of the Gilaburu +PP ?

You may start observing the benefits of the Gilaburu +PP as soon as you start using it. But in most cases, a use of a weekly (7 day) regime provides significant benefits. (Benefits and effects may be different from person to person)

2 reviews for Gilaburu +PP – 7 DAY PROGRAM

  1. David McCoper

    This product was highly recommended to me by a friend of mine who used it before and was very satisfied.
    If you’ve ever had a kidney stone, you know how a huge pain it is. You can be sure that after taking it for a couple of days it will apparently do what it is supposed to do…break down the stone so small that you won’t even feel it passing. You probably will continue to use it as a preventative measure like me and my friends…
    if you are suffering from a kidney stone, I strongly recommend that you try this supplement. Do not hesitate a second to get it!

  2. rdvypxzkh

    Gilaburu PP – 7 DAY PROGRAM |

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